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Debriefing Session 2014/12/19

The first International Fellowship Program debriefing session was held at the Nippon Foundation Building with fellows in the first and second cohorts who had returned to Japan after completing their fellowships. Presentations were given on topics as diverse as social entrepreneurship in the United States through the eyes of a leading Japanese researcher, the forefront of discussions on global security at an American think tank by a fellow with experience in the Self-Defense Forces and at the Matsushita Institute of Government and Management, policies in an era of globalization contemplated from the point of view of a government official, and more. In addition to the hands-on experience gained by these experts in their respective fields by venturing out into the world, the fellows reported on international human network building, information dissemination to overseas and innovation beyond national boundaries and disciplines. The session was followed by a panel discussion that included an open-minded exchange of opinion.

Fellow Presentations (PPT)